Now Starring….

Posted On November 3, 2008

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We are having a skunk problem. We found this skunk climbing our Japanese Maple in the front yard this evening:

We also found an owl flying around the yard. And a deer named Bambi.

And one of our trees caught on fire.

In fact, we had the whole Bambi cast in our yard this year. Bambi played by Prince, Tackler as Owl, Mom as Thumper, Pretty Girl as Flower, Dad as the forest and guest starring Bahpa (grandpa on Mom’s side) as the Fire.

Happy Halloween!!


10 Responses to “Now Starring….”

  1. Brookeh

    Cute costumes! You’ve done it again. I love that Princess is your little stinker.

  2. Charlotte

    You guys did look great. You must be one of those super fast sewers to get done. At first I thought this would be a post about skunks and I wouldn’t be alone anymore 😉

  3. emma jo

    Well done…they look fantastic! I especially like your fuzzy little tail.

  4. Mutti

    Once again, YOU are amazing! How utterly fantabulous! I love you all. You had to be the hit of the neighborhood!

  5. Jeannie

    Very, very cute! I love that you had a theme to your costumes. Aaron was a skunk this year too! We called him Pepe Le Pew, do you remember that cartoon? Glad you enjoyed Halloween!

  6. Valerie

    How FUN!!

  7. Jenn G.

    Cute Idea…funny how the oldest guy wanted to be the “fire”…mr. hottie. Ha! 😉
    You had me fooled on the first photo, I thought it was a real skunk. Cute costumes!
    Also, you stand corrected…I wasn’t 30 when you baby sat for me, uuuhhhmmm… I was 28 and just for that I won’t lie and tell you I wasn’t organized. Ha! :-)Every jot and tittle was in order. Ha!

  8. Care Bear

    Dad says you have more halloween photos on the computer….will you email the to me and mom? thanks!!

    I agree with sister gordon….the skunk picture confused me at first! Too cute!

  9. Vi 12s

    good job! you guys look wicked cute!

  10. The Lazy Organizer

    You are a maniac! I love the striped tights!

    Barefoot says: Glad you like them because they made a reappearance this year. Post coming soon…ish.