Characteristics of Living Things

How do we use our sense as tools to gather information and describe objects?
Every object has properties by which they can be classified.
Use your senses and simple non standard measuring tools to observe common objectsa nd sort them into groups by size, weight shape or color.
Sort objects made of wood, paper and metal into groups based on properties such as flexibility, attraction to magnets and whether they float or sink in water.
(Visit a recycling plant or somewhere else where sorting occurs)

Describe the similarities and differences in appearance and behavior of plants, birds, fish, insects and mammals.
Describe the similarities/differences in appearance and behavior in adults and their offspring.
Distinguish characteristics of living and nonliving things.
Categorize living things by mammal, fish, bird, insect, etc. (Make a big chart of characteristics that define each and animals that go in each).

Create a collage that separates living and non living things from pictures cut from magazines.

Match baby animals with their parents (make one of emily’s books for this).