Communities and Families

A community is a place where people live, work, play and help each other.
What are different jobs in the community that help to keep it safe?
What are rules and why are they important?
Understand the roles of various community workers. (fieldtrips to several if possible)

Community Helpers from A to Z by Bobbie Kalman, Niki Walker
Town Mouse, Country Mouse by Jan Brett
Officer Brown Keeps Neighborhoods Safe by ALice K Flanagan
Moo in the Morning by Kulman
Old MacDonald in the City by Suzanne Williams
Busy Busy City Streets by Meisker
Castles Caves and Honeycombs by Lauren Stringer
Alphabet City by Stephen Johnson

Complete and All About my Family book
How are families alike/different?

Me I Am by Jack Prelutsky
I Like Me by Nancy Carlson
Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer
Homes Around the World by Bobbie Kalman