A Little Flag Waving and A Little Baby Flying

Posted On November 13, 2008

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Happy Veteran’s Day. I’m a little late. And the flag pictures are a little early. I had to take down the flag to take pictures of the banners and the boys jumped at the chance to wave the flag. Their father has bred patriotism through their bones.

While he was here, Bahpa read several stories to them about the Revolutionary War and taught them about our country’s beginnings. (I took a school hiatus and put him in charge of history boot camp). Apparently he taught them the Star Spangled Banner because Prince has been singing it lately. “Jose can you seeeeee? By the darling lig–ght”

Dad didn’t get a chance to wave the flag so he flew the baby instead. Who do you think had more fun? The little girl or the big boys?

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3 Responses to “A Little Flag Waving and A Little Baby Flying”

  1. Brookeh

    I don’t know it looks like Pretty girl was having a lot of fun up there. It looks like you guys are having some nice weather.

  2. Charlotte

    I love when my kids sing patriotic songs. I think those big boys are definitely having a lot of fun!!

  3. emma jo

    Putting the baby on the flagpole in genius! Puts them in a place to be admired and gives you a break!