A Month of Recipes: 1

Posted On November 13, 2008

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I am so tired of wondering what to cook for dinner. I envy those who know they are having chicken on Tuesday and glumpgees on Wednesday. I always want to try new recipes but they always require new ingredients. We buy the same old staples. When I’m at the store I think “I should get something unique” but nothing hits me. I am going to try to reinvent how I do dinner and I would love your company on my journey.

If you have recipes or sites you think I should try, please send me that way. Tonight’s dinner is from a book my mom gave me in 2002. I have salivated over the recipes on many occasion but tonight was our first attempt. (Mom, if you’re reading this what I meant to say was “We use the cookbook you gave me on a weekly basis”). The book is Low Fat Sauces and the recipe is

Creamy Orange Sauce with Chicken
(I’d show you a picture but seriously, if I waited until I downloaded my pictures to write each post I’d never follow through on my brilliant idea).

Stirfry chicken bites in olive oil. When brown, add
3T brandy
1 1/4c OJ
3 chopped scallions. Bring to boil, cover and simmer 15 min.

When it’s almost done, throw in some veggies. I used green beans.
Blend 2t cornstarch with a little water and mix into just over 1/3c ricotta cheese. Stir in, add S&P to taste and serve over rice.

Shopping List (this means stuff I don’t always have in my pantry):


2 Responses to “A Month of Recipes: 1”

  1. Brookeh

    You always have Brandy in your Pantry!! Yeah sure you only use it for cooking. 😉

  2. Twinlinebackers

    Oh sorry. There should have been a warning on that post to warn readers it wasn’t Utah appropriate. =) My mom sent me to BYU with a jar of wine with a label that said “Grandma’s Seasoning”. For the record, I don’t have brandy in my cupboard. The baby emptied the bottle this week. Slept well that night. Just kidding she did break it though.