I haven’t golfed in FOREVER

Posted On December 8, 2008

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We went to visit family for Thanksgiving (sorry, that’s about all you get this month for a Thanksgiving post). We were far enough south that golfing was still in season, unlike here where we actually get to enjoy being cold all winter. I overheard my husband invite his niece’s cousin’s husband (that was among the simplest of the family connections) to go golfing while we were in town. “He” (cause I’m not advanced enough to figure out what he really is – – Nephew Cousin in Law?) said “Oh, you don’t want to golf with me, I haven’t golfed in forever. To which my darling husband replied. Don’t worry. I haven’t either. I haven’t golfed in almost 3 months.”

I guess in the golfing world, a month is akin to an Eon in human years.

I have been in big trouble for not posting these pictures of the boys golfing on a real course. I was intimidated. There were just too many pictures. But I have come to a major roadblock in the blog world. I either have to download more pictures (I have NO idea why this is so hard for me) or finally give you this last round from summer. Or fall really. I mean, they are wearing jackets and hands. I don’t believe it was really 3 months ago. Whatever. Since I couldn’t decide what pictures to post, you get ALL of them.




Actually, I lied. I left out the pictures of the boys helping those trees turn such pretty colors. I have an internet friend who would relish an opportunity to post such delightfully discreet yet unnerving pictures but I am a coward. Now, off to find my camera so I can post more recent pictures. Or at least I’d like you to think that. Really I’m hoping to just run into it while I sew, mop, feed, clean, read, quilt, dust, decorate….see, it’s not like I don’t do ANYTHING. I just can’t prove it with pictures.

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4 Responses to “I haven’t golfed in FOREVER”

  1. Brookeh

    I think your boys have good form! What does Pat think?
    No, it’s not the Timp Temple, it’s the Bountiful Temple. And yes you could still live in Zion and not know that because most people probably don’t know the difference. They are built after the same design, there are only slight differences which are not apparent in the pictures I posted. So I wouldn’t feel too bad, which I’m sure you don’t. But just for the record, you can hear voices in your head and still be allowed to live here. I still do. They’d probably kick me out of Connecticut for that. ;D

  2. Charlotte

    Wow that mean I haven’t golfed in like 2 million years in golf time.

    Also, I’m glad your boys are wearing hands. Although if you know a way for them to not wear hands sometimes, will you tell me. It would come in handy when I have to take them grocery shopping with me.

  3. emma jo

    They’re cute alright…yep, golfing just doesn’t do it for me. I just really want to go with Clark so I can drive the cart and be slow and lazy for the 5 hours it takes him to play a round.

  4. Twinlinebackers

    Oh, now that does sound fun! We should go on a triple date and the three of us gals can gab in the cart while the boys wack at the ball.

    Yeah, I saw that I put hands instead of gloves and just didn’t get around to fixing it. Now I can’t or everyone will think you’re crazy instead of me careless.

    Brookeh, I knew it WAS the Bountiful Temple. I was just wondering if it was the same as the Timp. Sheesh. Even I know Bountiful is such a raging metropolis that it has it’s own temple!