Mom, He retaliated

Posted On December 12, 2008

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This morning my boys had a very serious (ly funny) argument. I was in the shower so could only referee from a distance. One of them said Santa Claus doesn’t like to pretend. The other was mortally offended and was tattling to me that his brother said something so preposterous. Interestingly, no one wanted me opinion on the subject. Had they asked, I would have suggested that Santa is better at pretending than anyone else I know.

Apparently it came to blows over this crucial discussion because the next complaint I heard was “Mo-om! He retaliated.” Funny thing about the word retaliate. It implies you hit him first.

Needless to say, I stayed in the shower a couple extra hours this morning.


4 Responses to “Mom, He retaliated”

  1. Brookeh

    Hahaha I love it! And I love how you dealt with it (or not whichever the case may be). 😀 It’s growing experiences for them, and a nice shower for you. Both sides win!

  2. Vi 12s

    That is too funny. I think I would have stayed in there a bit longer too… nothing like a nice long, hot shower!

  3. emma jo

    he he, that’s funny.

  4. Charlotte

    If only the hot water lasted forever, then you would never need to lead. Santa’s imagination needs to expand enough to invent that.