A question I am sure no other mother has ever asked…

Posted On December 14, 2008

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Why are the dishes always MY job? My friend (sorry, private blog) commented today that her husband has been “doing the dishes like it’s his job” while she’s been pregnant. That’s awesome. I wish my husband considered pregnancy an adequate excuse for me getting out of … well, anything. Anyway I’m not pregnant so that’s moot anyway but as I was washing dishes today for the 746,912 time this year (yes, I counted. why? Don’t you believe me?) I was wondering WHY? Why am I always washing dishes? What will it take to get me out of dishes? I actually don’t MIND washing. It’s a little bit satisfying. But it is SO incredibly, painfully, dreadfully reoccurring.

I do all the smart things – make my kids put their own dishes in the dishwasher, rinse the dishes immediately, do them right away before they pile up (hence the high number made up …er, I mean tallied…above). But still. I never get relief. Why must people in this family eat so darn much food? We recently switched to 6 meals a day (well, except when we only squeak in two). Can’t we go the other direction and switch to 1 meal a day? Or zero? Zero sounds good. Oh, the pain of it all.

Ok, so honestly I decided to start timing myself. How long does this dreaded task actually take? Guess what? Usually less than 5 minutes. Seriously? Yep. All that whining and complaining and moaning. 5 minutes. That means in the time I’ve spent boring you with this post, I could have finished tonight’s dishes and be on my way to bed. Oh, wait. First I would be cleaning bathrooms. Want to know how many times I have cleaned bathrooms this year?

PS – No, my kids haven’t shrunk. That was our trip to the Hogle Zoo June 2005. Back when my biggest complaint was “Why do I have to clean these stupid high chairs so many times every day?”


3 Responses to “A question I am sure no other mother has ever asked…”

  1. Vi 12s

    I’ve been told by friends and family that Joe must be an alien because he’s SO helpful, never gets mad, is wicked patient etc etc…

    I don’t blame you hating doing dishes- it certainly gets redundant! Maybe you should by all paper products! ; )

    (Hope you are having a nice day at church- Cassie and I both have colds and I was dry heaving this morning- FUN STUFF! now it’s back to bed…)

  2. Charlotte

    When I lived in PA, there was no dishwasher (except me and the kids). It took more like a 1/2 to one full hour every day to wash everything. I hated it (and when we moved to our rental last year without a dishwasher, I used paper products until the day we left).

  3. Twinlinebackers

    So in other words? Stop whining? Ok fine.