Christmas List

Posted On December 18, 2008

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I’m making my list but I’m not checking it twice. Somethings will get done, and that will be nice. Honestly, I’ve been afraid to make a list because I am not ready for a reality check. I’m afraid if it’s written out I’ll have to admit it won’t all get finished and I’m not ready to admit defeat yet. However, in honor of full insanity disclosure, I might as well let you know what I’m doing this year.

I won’t include the presents I finished in October for my dad to take home with him for my parents and brother’s family. You’ll get to piece all that together when I finally post pictures. I also won’t list the things I did in the last couple weeks, or the other huge thing I have to do but don’t want someone specific to see.

Things to do before Christmas
Birthday crowns – DONE!
Piece boys quilt
Quilt boys quilt
Bind boys quilt
Make bow holder – DONE!
Make hairbows
Make a dozen present bags
Make gift tags
Take picture for Christmas letter
Write and send Christmas letter (ok, so this one WILL be late)
Make carseat cover
Sew felt food
Make picnic basket for felt food
Make cookies for bday party tomorrow – DONE!
Make ornament project for party tomorrow – DONE!
Figure out if we have holes for Christmas presents

Ok. That’s all I can think of at the moment. That’s not so bad right? Whew.


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  1. Chris and Holly

    felt food??? genius!!