The Most Important Thing

Posted On December 26, 2008

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There is nothing more important in my life than getting on the floor and playing with my children. So when Prince asked me to play with him this morning I promptly agreed.
Mom: As soon as we eat breakfast.
Mom: And I finish cleaning up the kitchen that I started cleaning while you were eating.
Prince: Now?
Mom: Yes, I am almost done sweeping the floor.
Tackler: Pretty Girl is getting into my Revolutionary War Armies. (More on this later).
Mom: Okay Prince. Let me put her to bed and then we can play in peace.
Prince: Are you ready to play with me now?
Mom (getting on the ground): Oh shoot. I forgot dad’s uniforms are in the dryer and are getting wrinkly. Just one more minute. ….While I’m down here I better switch over the next load as well but I won’t put in another one because I don’t want to put him off because of laundry later in the day too.
Tackler: Mom, will you read to me?
Prince: Mom, will you play with me?
Mom: I read to you while putting your sister down. It’s Prince’s turn.
Dad (an hour from now): I thought you were going to deliver Christmas cookies, check out the after Christmas sales and call around to find the best price on oil before we run out?
Mom: Yes. I was going to do all that. I was also going to clean the house, organize everything that’s been trashed while I was scurrying around getting ready for Christmas and figure out your birthday present. Yep. It’s ALL on my list.
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3 Responses to “The Most Important Thing”

  1. Charlotte

    That sounds WAY too familiar!

  2. Maree

    Hmmmm…. I’m thinking that if you’re a mom, your list will be about the same. 400 miles long, most of it important–and occasionally cast aside to play with the kids. After all, is there EVER a day when you get it ALL done? 🙂

  3. Twinlinebackers

    No, you never get it all done but some days the list of “urgent” is overwhelmingly long. That was a particularly overwelming day. The next couple days, even with as much to do didn’t feel so stressful. Funny thing (with a good lesson) – I FINALLY called oil companies, found a good price, and filled our tank. An item on my list for a solid month. Checking that off relieved a LOT of anxiety. Imagine if I had just done it a month ago.