First Snowstorm of the Year – Edited**

Posted On December 30, 2008

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Well, actually the first storm was on the 19th but I was busy blogging about a birthday party that day. Well, according to my friends’ blogs, the FIRST storm was a week before that but since I grew up in Omaha* I don’t consider it snow unless it takes several hours to shovel. We were handed that on the boys’ birthday and we reconvened with half the guests (check out their blog for more pictures if they ever post them) the next day for sledding. I was extremely disappointed that dad thought Pretty Girl should stay home but in the end I was glad because it was FRIGID. Her two year old boyfriend went and was NOT happy about the cold. So hopefully we get another blizzard and some good warm weather to go with it.

*Ok, so I also grew up in Florida and nearly another dozen places with less extreme weather but only Omaha fit the story. Surely you understand.

**Edited to add:
I forgot to mention the excitement of the sledding day.
Event: A crash.
Result: Blood spurting on white snow
Lesson Learned: When a little kid on a sled comes headed your way, you should move out of the way… instead of bracing for the impact by holding up your own sled as a shield.
Poor kid. That was his first run of the day and he wasn’t keen on continuing. Fortunately, once we got the blood slowed to a mere gush he was fine.

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3 Responses to “First Snowstorm of the Year – Edited**”

  1. Brookeh

    We are having great weather here with snow still on the ground. Maybe you should move here! Oh wait, I might just dye of shock if that ever happened and we wouldn’t want that. Are you talking about Omaha Colorado or Nebraska, because I don’t see how Colorado didn’t beat out NE. But maybe I should just mark it up to one more reason not to move to NE. As if the drive through it didn’t convince me enough. Apologies to anyone who lives there.

    What happened to Prince’s nose?
    Also I’m thinking of going public with my blog, I’m tired of the hassle. What do you think?

  2. Charlotte

    Yeah, what happened to his nose? Sorry again about the collision with Ethan. And I will post some pictures, as soon as I get a little more caught up…

  3. Twinlinebackers

    Brookeh – You’re right. Maybe I should move to Utah. Hahahahahaha! Hahahaha!

    Omaha Nebraska is MUCH colder than Colorado. The snow in Omaha is HEAVY. In Colorado you use a broom instead of shovel and just sweep it away. I didn’t think about sledding in Colorado because there you just ski!

    Oh! I can’t believe I forgot to mention the nose. I added an edit above so non comment readers get to hear about it too.