My husband’s secret

Posted On January 15, 2009

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How do I know my husband secretly wants a dozen kids? He frequently takes our three out for the day so I can do my own thing. This week he called his friend with 6 kids and invited him to go to the Air Museum with him. That’s right. A peaceful afternoon of admiring planes with 9 kids under the age of 12. Makes your heart go pitter patter. …Ok so maybe it makes YOUR heart run screaming but it makes MY heart go pitter patter.

Oh, don’t tell my husband I’m on to him. He’ll say he was just trying to get his friend off the hook for their next golf outing. But I know the truth!

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5 Responses to “My husband’s secret”

  1. Vi 12s

    If you’re gonna have a dozen kids you better get going! ha ha ha… only 9 more to go!

  2. Twinlinebackers

    You sound like Prince. He often cries to me “Why does Heavenly Father send kids to our family so SLOWly?” I try really hard to accept the Lord’s timetable. They come when they come. They stay when they stay.

  3. Vee

    I’m impressed with both men.Good for them, to give you guys a break!

  4. Charlotte

    Thanks again!! I don’t know what got into Peter to bring all 6. Poor Matthew was trying so desperately to get his clothes and shoes on in the hopes he would be guilted into taking him. It worked. They all had a blast!

  5. Anonymous

    Put them both in for husband’s of the year! The only thing that could make them better husbands is if they both golf. Two thumbs up to Husband 1and 2!!!!!