Field, Helmet and Ball

Posted On January 30, 2009

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I have a friend who has a friend who does amazing things with fondant. I have been admiring her cakes and amazing talent all fall and have been wanting to try my hand at fondant. The only problem was that I hate cake. So I never make cake. So it’s a little hard to find a reason to decorate a cake.

I had superb plans for a birthday party for Pretty Girl for the sole purpose of trying my hand at fondant. My husband didn’t understand my fondant obsession and shot down the party for a one year old who doesn’t care and doesn’t get cake.
Next party was the twins and I was ENTIRELY too busy that week. So during a week when I had absolutely nothing else going on I decided to make 3 cakes.

I was told fondant tastes gross so these are made with marshmallow fondant. And they were a ton of fun. Obviously my skill level is not up to par with my friend’s friend but this was my first attempt and I was making them in between stashing the cakes and marshamallow mess from my unsuspecting husband and letting my two five year olds and one one year old help.

If you decide to follow my lead, here are my recommendations:
1. Make fondant when you have no time constraints
2. Do it in one shebang rather than stashing everything into cupboards and letting it all dry out while you try to get rid of your husband
3. Get rid of helpers. Send them to Japan. The mall is NOT far enough away.
4. Find some unsuspecting person to clean the kitchen for you. Especially if you ignore suggestion number 2 and have to clean the kitchen 3 times.
5. Don’t be afraid to use the microwave even if you haven’t touched your microwave in 6 months. It needs to be SOFT and the microwave is the way to do it. Maybe it would be easier in August. Too bad the only person with a birthday in the summer is me and I don’t like cake.

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2 Responses to “Field, Helmet and Ball”

  1. Charlotte

    The cakes did turn out great. And I would never have to follow your advice because I use my microwave 500 times a day. How else could I heat up my HFCS?

  2. Care Bear

    you can try again in July…. 😉 I happen to LOVE cake!