Book Worms

Posted On February 2, 2009

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This is my little night owl. He will read books from bedtime at 7:30 until… well, until the cows come home. I used to feel bad that he was awake and alone with his books for so long. Until I discovered he has plenty of company. This is only half the picture. He has at least a dozen friends, each with their own book.

Tackler and Pretty Girl are also bookworms. I would show you a picture but I only have so many arms and can’t figure out the angle to show how she snuggles down to nurse with a book under her arm. It’s not just a preference. It’s a necessity. There are only a couple things that will cause Pretty Girl to cry. One is not having a book to read with her milk. Another is not being allowed to talk on the cell phone. She’s a modern bookworm baby. As stubborn as the others. What I just don’t GET is how my kids got to be so stubborn. Weird.
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7 Responses to “Book Worms”

  1. Vee

    That is so weird. Sometimes I wonder where my girls get some of their traits as well. 😉 I love that all your kids are bookworms and that Pretty girl has to have a book with her drink. So cute. But with a smart mom like you, of course they would be like that. Prince’s animals are too cute with their books.

  2. Jeannie

    So cute! I love that each stuffed animal has it’s own book. That’s a kid after my own heart, I’d rather sit and read than do most things! I love watching my own children’s love of reading grow. Jacob is reading simple books now and it’s awesome to watch his interest in the written word. I hope they love books as much as I do!

  3. Care Bear

    Good for them! Books are the best.

    You EVER going to post about the christmas gift???? SERIOUSLY!!!

  4. Charlotte

    That is so funny. What a thoughtful thing. There are always tons of books stacked around my kids beds (and under their covers and pillows- and ocassionally mattress).

  5. Joe12s

    that’s too cute… Cassie will “read” until she falls asleep and then I have to go and take the book off of her chest when I check on her. 🙂

  6. Marco & Demaree

    I think the wanting to talk on the cell phone is a universal among modern human children. Elliot too gets torqued when we don’t pony up the phone.

  7. Rockholme Lodge

    My guess is it’s a trait that came from somewhere waaaaay back in the generations and it just skipped ahead to your kids. Crazy how that gene stuff works!