We went sledding two months ago

Posted On March 2, 2009

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I am not really behind in my blogging. I am behind in my life. My blog is right up to date with where I am with life’s progress. If my Christmas cards and Christmas thank you notes aren’t written yet, then this post about our January sledding is ACTUALLY AHEAD of schedule. Don’t you wish you were as on top of things as me? .
Enjoy the video. Please. Humor me. It took me all evening and it’s only 2 minutes long and really cute and there is actually believe it or not a picture of me in it and it’s a good one. Shocked enough to watch? Good, then I’ll quit typing and post this darn thing

Oh, and if you’re one of those people who don’t read my other blog, I probably shouldn’t tell you this but being as I’m not above bribery, I’ll just say, it might behoove you to check this post.


8 Responses to “We went sledding two months ago”

  1. Mutti

    That was such fun! I have to watch that again!

  2. Mutti

    What’s all that white stuff showing in the picture?

    Cute shots of the kids! Love ya, DAD

  3. Vee

    So fun! Cute video and I love that picture with your family. Very cute. Although the snow made me cold again. The sun is hiding today, and I miss it.

  4. Care Bear

    Looks like sooo much fun! No snow here!! SAD DAY!!! Miss you all!!!

  5. emma jo

    How fun! Nothin like a family sledding day. Adorable pictures.

  6. Rockholme Lodge

    Not only is there no snow, but we are in the 70s! DAD

  7. Charlotte

    that does look cold, er, I mean, fun! Where did you go? You got some really good pictures.

  8. Jeannie

    What a great video! It looks like you had a great day sledding, all your kids are troopers (and so are mom and dad!) I’m glad the snow is gone (for good, I hope!)