Sleep Tight

Posted On March 9, 2009

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At the beginning of February we drove to Orlando because it’s been ages since we went. We usually leave at 4am and arrive in South Carolina at my brother in law’s house just after dinner. It’s a great plan in theory because we can get 4 hours down the road before the kids even wake up. In theory. The problem is, the kids are SO excited they wake up at 4am and stay awake most of the day. That is a LONG day. For all of us.

So this year we tried something new. We left at 4PM. The kids enjoyed a few hours of fun sandwiched in the back of an absurdly full van and then went to sleep about 10pm. We woke them up at 6am to tell them we had arrived. They actually slept ALL NIGHT. To them, the trip was painless. Thankfully, at the other end we had a kind aunt who played with 4 well rested kids while dad slept.

Why did dad need to sleep all morning? Because, as you can tell from my brilliant acting, we didn’t actually sleep at the wheel. (Though, I admit I slept a fair portion of the ride and only my poor husband was left thinking this plan wasn’t 100% brilliant).
Since the drive halfway there wasn’t the MOST exciting part of the trip you won’t be surprised to hear there are more vacation posts in your near future.
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6 Responses to “Sleep Tight”

  1. Vi 12s

    At the beginning of February??? Man- you need to keep up to date- maybe try to not make so many cute sewing projects or something because I’m getting confused on when you do things- ha ha – jk

  2. emma jo

    Clark likes to close the eye on my side so when I look at him he really looks asleep. Ha! Jokes on him…I’m not really looking because I AM asleep. Oh, car trips. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the rest!

  3. Charlotte

    We always do the overnight long drives. I like to keep reaching over and pinching Peter while he drives to make sure he’s awake, but I have found almost hitting a deer in a snow storm provides enough adrenaline to last most of the night.

  4. Rockholme Lodge

    When you guys are faking being asleep, try not to smile so much! I love the kids’ sleeping pictures. If we slept like that, the medics would have us in traction for a month! Love ya, DAD

  5. Care Bear

    Time for pictures of Disney World!! And you know you’re spoiled when its been LESS than a YEAR since you were last in Florida and you feel like its been “forever”! Love you!!

  6. Rockholme Lodge

    Care Bear – You know they are spoiled when the boys were a bit put out because they had to stay in the Saratoga Springs complex instead of “their” home!