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Posted On March 9, 2009

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After about 15 years of being the bread maker, I have found a way to cheat. I have been the bread maker of the family since I was in high school. When I was in college my grandmother had an amazing book – 500 pages of every kind of bread you can imagine and I plowed my way through that book more than I ever plowed through any text book. In fact I survived through college by eating bread and frozen veggies and not a whole lot else (you had to hike to the grocery store for real food but don’t worry, I didn’t get skinny because I ate a lot of bread).

After I graduated and no longer had access to grandma’s book, my mom gave me my own copy. I have at times tried making all my own bread but being a mom and scatterbrained I often didn’t have time to devote a straight 3 hours to the process. Every other day. Not to mention my mixer was temperamental and would only knead when the stars were aligned just so and kneading by hand for 10 minutes is more the work for a college student than a lazy mom.

And then I found THE recipe. It was in my book but when I told my friend about it she said she had a similar recipe. Her version was better so it is now MINE. This recipe calls for no kneading and only one rising. I can go from wheat berries to out of the oven with a tablespoon of butter in just over an hour. Can you believe people have known about this recipe and NOT been screaming it from the rooftops? I make it almost daily. Though I FINALLY got smart and doubled the recipe which worked out just fine (sometimes it doesn’t) so now not quite as daily.

2 c ww flour
4 1/2 t. yeast
*1/3c flax seed
1/3c brown sugar
2c warm water
*1/3 c dry milk

*optional and adjustable

Let rest 10 min, then add:
2c white or wheat flour (I like to add 1T gluten if using all whole wheat which I always do)
2t salt

Mix and if necessary, gradually add up to one cup of flour.

Let rest 10 min.
Let rise 30 min in greased pans (either one large or two small)
Bake 375 for 30 min (20 min in my oven)
Remove and butter top lavishly.

Oh, and for the really brave, I just heard a trick which I tried on this recipe and love – you can substitute white beans for some of the flour in a bread and it turns out just fine. The raw dough tastes and smells gross but the final product is unnoticeable. It took me a scary 10 minutes of thinking I’d broken my wheat grinder but you just have to move it up to course grind for it to swallow a whole bean. The flour is finer than white flour. Now, if only I’d known this trick in college I could have had protein in my diet!

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  1. Mutti

    This bread is really, really good! Channing is right about that! I don’t know about using the beans, but when she made it for me, I had to have the recipe. Enjoy!