Our Family Outing

Posted On March 14, 2009

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A couple shots of my state and my river in the winter. The snow stuck around from mid December until we ran to Florida in February. We didn’t come back until the grass was back. I love how pretty it is. And that’s where my love stops.

In fact, this is what I think of winter these days:
I’m not sure what he’s frowning about but we have an identical picture of me at age 2. This is the look he gives us all winter though. Prince is from a kingdom in a WARM climate and has zero tolerance for winter. I understand.

Usually Dad takes the kids and puts mom in timeout but this particular evening I insisted on family time. (Not that I’m IN any of the pictures). I am amazed at how long Pretty Girl can spend playing with things like this –

Our final stop was NOT my idea of fun – a crowded mall play area after a month of solid snow. aka MOBBED with stir crazy kids and just plain crazy parents.

But at least it tuckered out the little one:
Next installment, I promise round two on vacation pictures!

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4 Responses to “Our Family Outing”

  1. Jen

    cute family! Thx for the tip on the coconut oil. I was just about to head out the door, so I’m glad I checked my email first. Have a nice day!

  2. Charlotte

    I can’t wait for spring to get here! We need to get some energy out, but the crowded mall play area is a little too small for my older kids.

  3. Rockholme Lodge

    I see EVERYONE is enjoying another looooong Connecticut winter filled with gray skies, gray snow, gray trees and gray psyches.

  4. Mutti

    Actually, you ARE in one of the pictures… I think it is you…