Last January Post, I promise

Posted On March 16, 2009

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The following video is my attempt to finally blog my way through January and move on to the promised vacation photos. This video collection is entitled “Aren’t they cute at that age?” (He just turned 40). Please quietly eat your popcorn while I narrate my slide presentation:

Pictures of Pretty Girl in a basket:
What? You DON’T stick your baby in a basket on a regular basis? Her dear father stuffed her in there, smooshed in a blanket, told her to look cute, and then made her busy mom stop what she was doing to come watch. Watch what? How cute she looks. So now you get to stop what you were doing to see how cute she looks too. Ahh. Isn’t she cute?

Two clips of dad, the talking bird:
And now you no longer wonder why dad is the preferred parental unit around here.

Clip of crazy baby running like a banshee:

This is how we know she’s tired. She gets silly. Really silly. Almost as silly as her father.

Clip of baby scaling and nosediving the couch:

The only really funny part about this clip is that she did it for an hour. Yes, an hour. I think, when babies get tired, normal parents put them to bed. Not us. We grab the video camera and watch for an hour. Hey, just cause we got rid of tv doesn’t mean we don’t watch sitcoms.

So there you have it. January.
Up next (just like I promised in the last two posts) – our vacation.


3 Responses to “Last January Post, I promise”

  1. emma jo

    You guys are too funny. I hope that everyone is finally well!

  2. Vee

    YOur little girl is so cute. What is that? An ostrich, a duck? Just as long as it’s not a vulture eating her neck. Cuz that’s just morbid. 😉

  3. Charlotte

    That was entertaining. I hadn’t thought of it, but Vee is right. A vulture biting your baby’s neck? Ha! My kids turn silly when tired, too. Not a good mix with a mom that just turns grumpy.