As Promised

Posted On March 20, 2009

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You didn’t think I’d get to it this month did you?
Day 1: Remember we left at 4pm on Friday and arrived at 6am so this is all day Saturday. Auntie M took the kids to the playground across the street, dad and his brother hung out by the garage (it’s their THING), the boys rode their scooters – good thing because the car was entirely too packed full to justify bringing them.

Just for fun, while Dad was washing and spit polishing the car at 5:55pm on Saturday night he noticed a nail in the rear tire. He ran to the tire store while we prayed it could be fixed that night, preferably with a patch. The first part was answered. The second part not so much. Buying new tires is our absolute FAVORITE thing to do. We do it a LOT. But at least our trip wasn’t ruined. We were able to leave at 4am as scheduled.
We arrived in Florida, oh Florida and our hearts began to sing.

Dad took the 3 big kids (our two and the neighbor girl we toted along) to EPCOT.

To meet Winnie The Pooh and friends

And all this other stuff (click to see it bigger and better) while I spent the day in the pool with the mermaid.

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4 Responses to “As Promised”

  1. Care Bear

    YEA!!! still jealous tho!!!

  2. Mutti

    You got some quite animated faces in those pictures… Good job!

  3. emma jo

    Oh, I am just distracted by the fact that everyone is in shorts. What a fun family trip!

  4. Charlotte

    Sorry about the tire. But everything else sounds fun.