Vacation Day 2

Posted On March 28, 2009

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How can I get 3 days farther behind every day? Right now my problem with blogging is my computer monitor. It goes to sleep after a few minutes of being ignored. Why can’t my kids do that? I have to reboot every time I want to use it. Big pain in the neck so if you want more frequent posts, come fix my computer for me. Here are pictures from day two in Disney World. Dad took the three big kids to Magic Kingdom.
You might wonder how Prince can be sad with chocolate on his face. I’ll tell you. Sugar is a bad bad thing. Makes kids sad. I’m tellin ya….

Ok, this one doesn’t seem sad about chocolate. …But a side note of recent happening since my blog won’t catch up enough to tell you in order – I was sick last week and stayed home from a baby blessing across the state. Dad took the 3 kids to the blessing and a luncheon. The boys came home saying “We are SO FULL. We had SOOOO many brownies. We had TOOO much sugar.” Shortly before the daggers from my eyes killed their father he insisted they had ONE small brownie each. Ahhh. The sweet joys of brainwashing your children.

Since the kids were at the parks the first 2 days with the camera there isn’t much proof that us oldies and babies (I won’t tell you which I am) had fun but we were in Florida where the sun shone, the water lapped and the air was warm. I promise, we enjoyed ourselves.

The blanket was a prop. A way to torture the baby (I don’t know who took these pictures). It was NEVER cold enough to need a blanket. Not like at home where our friends were freezing. Hee hee.

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Next episode: Pictures of my baby swimming and boys on the slide. No picture of the baby on the slide because my camera isn’t waterproof so you’ll have to believe me or join me in Florida next time.

4 Responses to “Vacation Day 2”

  1. Charlotte

    I think he was sad because he needed more chocolate. And perhaps you should make sure about your husband definition of “small brownie” b/c in my family “one small brownie each” results in an empty pan.

    Glad you had fun and were able to thaw out for a bit. Hopefully the rest of us get a chance soon.

  2. emma jo

    We pretended that today’s sun was warmer than it actually was. I think I might have to start migrating South.
    I’m with Charlotte, maybe he was sad because there wasn’t enough HFCS drizzled over the tops of the brownies…mmmm, brownies.

  3. Vee

    Hey I’ll go to Florida anytime. I just haven’t ever been invited! Cute pictures.

  4. Care Bear

    Next time you just need to take me…I have a waterproof camera!! 😀