Infant Swimming

Posted On April 2, 2009

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4 years ago I found this book on teaching your infants to swim, read it half a dozen times, took my babies to the Keys and taught them to swim. Unfortunately, since I was always IN the water with them, these are the best pictures I have to show what they could do. So you’ll just have to believe me they could both swim at barely over a year.

This year, thanks to a digital camera with video function, we did a little better. These snippets are not terrific. You can see my camera got a little wet (though thankfully dried out with no ill effects). A very nice woman laughed at my attempts to video from IN the pool while trying to catch a baby who preferred to be UNDER water and she took over camera duty. This was on our last day and I didn’t even know what we had caught on tape until I got back home. I’m not thrilled – I don’t think you can REALLY see what a mermaid this baby is but you get the idea. She swam under water for about an hour until she got cold and tired. When I pulled her out each time she usually fought me to get back under.

The premise behind this method is to teach life saving skills. The baby should know how to fall in the water and swim to the edge and hold on. That worked with the boys. This baby never wanted out or up. Apparently breathing is over rated.

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2 Responses to “Infant Swimming”

  1. Charlotte

    That was great. She really is a little fish isn’t she? Loved the clapping for the camera.

  2. Mutti

    It was great fun, wasn’t it! Let’s go back again… I am ready!