A Girl Needs Pink

Posted On April 9, 2009

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Flashback since I didn’t get to blog in the olden days:
When the twins were 10 months old, they outgrew their baby seats. I thought I was prepared with the next step with their high back boosters (slated for 20-80 lbs), but as I found out the day dad took the van with the infant seats thinking I could use the boosters, the boosters won’t face backward. Opps. To get us through those two months we had to buy 2 more carseats. I owned 6 carseats for two kids. Yeah!

Flashforward (and still a little back) to late 2008:
I kept noticing all pink baby paraphenalia of which I had plenty of brown and navy stashed in my basement and had some serious girly girl envy. A person with 6 carseats cannot justify buying a 7th just because it is pink. Then on Etsy I saw a carseat cover. The birds started singing and rays of pink sunshine beamed through my window. I can do THAT!
The beauty of having a dainty little doll for a baby is that at 13 months, she still hadn’t outgrown her outgrown her infant seat. I bought some very pink material but afraid to cut into it, I procrastinated for a month or two. Finally, two days before Christmas (in the midst of mad sewing to finish the boys quilt…Post Still Coming), I finally swallowed my fears and whipped up the cover. Not finished, but well enough to throw over the carseat and wrap up for Christmas. Even before it was unwrapped, she ADORED it.

My husband was duly impressed…though not impressed enough to keep him from asking “How do you buckle her into it?” Well, dear. You don’t. A week later at his birthday party (Post Still Coming), it was still sitting in the corner waiting for buckle holes. Cut me slack. I was madly sewing two quilts (this one and Post Still Coming).

I kept telling people she hadn’t outgrown her baby seat. Then one day at the grocery store I was standing 3 feet from the cart, where she was locked in her seat perched on the basket, and she kicked me. I guess her pretty pink cozy cover thing did a good job of hiding her super long legs. I determined not to leave the house until it was finished so of course I planned ahead, didn’t go anywhere for a week and finished it on the way out the door one day. She smiled the ENTIRE car-ride. Beamed in fact. (Don’t tell anyone how long her legs look on her first day out of her infant seat).

(And just a note on the color pink: She is ACTUALLY a purple girl so the title of this post should be “A Girl Needs Purple” but the only purples I could find were really close to the gray I was trying to cover so we went pink).


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  1. Chris and Holly

    I’m glad I’m not the only mom who gives their kid unfinished Christmas presents. I just finished painting Whitney’s doll crib. . .just in time for Easter!