Cottage Pancakes: 4th try is a charm

Posted On April 9, 2009

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I checked out this book from the library this week, drooled over the pages, then made the pancakes two days in a row. And THEN it occurred to me that this recipe was vaguely familiar. Oh, that’s right. I already HAVE this recipe. Twice. However, this* version is absolute perfection. (By this*, I mean after MY alterations. That’s right. I have to see a recipe three different ways before I finally perfect it myself). If you bake up these scrumptious delights, your plate of heaping pancakes should look just like this:
Really, I tried for two days to get a picture but they kept disappearing before I could snap a picture. And that is why I am off to BJs so I can buy more eggs so tomorrow I can make a double batch. In fact, the recipe below is double because that is the ONLY way to bother with pancakes in my house.

Version 1:
Way too much butter. (Sorry mom, but there was)

Version 2: Body For Life Pancakes (you’ll have to scroll down)
These are actually amazingly good; however, unless you have a blender from the 50’s it won’t handle the thickness and that just makes these SUCH a pain to make.

Version 3.1:
2 cups cottage cheese or ricotta or half of each
8 eggs
1c + 2T flour
1 cube butter (you could get away with a lot less)
1t vanilla
2t lemon zest (not that I’ve added this yet since I haven’t had any lemons on hand)
6T lemon juice (really makes the recipe)