Museums in the frigid cold

Posted On April 9, 2009

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On January 9th we went to a couple museums around here. It was the first time Pretty Girl actually played with the boys there. Before this they played separately so it was cute to watch them include her in their play and see her interested in actually playing the same way as them. The video is nothing extraordinary but it’s a good snapshot of HOW my kids play. We had a lot of fun together despite the fact that it was a blustery day and we had to visit TWO museums to get an hour of play.

It took FOREVER to get out of the house because first I had to finish Pretty Girl’s carseat (for more on that see this post). We finally arrived at the far end of the first museum where the kids like to play only to be told 10 minutes later they were closing soon. What? “Oh, we close early in the winter because we don’t want to turn on the lights.” Sheesh. Couldn’t have told me that at the front gate? We finished our 10 minutes then drove down the street to another museum.
We arrived 5 minutes after closing. Ah, but the gate was still unlocked so we snuck in. A mere 6″ into our life of crime we were apprehended by the guard.
Him: We are closed
Me: I know
Him: So leave.
Me: You don’t really close until 6pm. You just won’t let people in past 5pm.
Him: There is no one to take your money.
Me: I don’t want anyone to take my money.
Him: So leave.
He was actually very nice. Because I groveled so nicely he let me flash my annual pass and let me and my 3 shivering kids in for the last 45 minutes until the REAL closing.

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4 Responses to “Museums in the frigid cold”

  1. Vee

    Oh you crack me up! So tell me what museums did you go too? It looks like fun.

  2. Care Bear

    So much fun….but seriously….are you letting those kids GROW UP??? I thought you learned your lesson!! They’re all sooooooo cute!

  3. Vee

    Hey I just want to point out that I had my background up first. And then felt really good when you changed yours. Ok so maybe you didn’t change it because of mine. Oh I’m so cocky. But hey great minds think alike, right? I love it as well. I keep hoping it sends a message to the sun to come out and stay.
    I saw two blue jays in my yard last week. Pretty cool!

  4. Charlotte

    Looks like your husband should have had you figure out a way to get into our house to watch the Masters while we were gone. You are an expert at breaking and entering.