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Posted On April 23, 2009

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I would love to know what a real “day in the life” of various homeschoolers actually looks like. For my plethora of readers, I am going to try to offer a glimpse into our daily life. Remember, I consider Kindergarten a fairly easy year. And my K’ers are very young – only two weeks old to enough to qualify as K’ers and 4 months too young in MOST states. So, with all that in mind:

This week:
We are studying Antarctica. We started on Monday? with a review of the world including continents, oceans, hemispheres, and the equator the affect of distance to the equator on climate.
We checked out a slew of books from the library on Antarctica and are working our way through the stack with me taking notes (and commenting on my notes) so we can make an Antarctica Lapbook. We are also using the many resources listed on the wonderful website of a fellow hser with kids surrounding my kids’ ages HERE. The following activities are in addition to this reading.

Monday: We started an alphabet book. We practiced our Aa’s and then cut out pictures with A items. Tackler was excellent at picking out the actual As in the ads. “Here’s one!” “Honey, that says ‘assorted’. We need a picture of a THING that starts with an A”.

Tuesday: We watched videos on the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights on YouTube
and viewed pix by Anthony Powell.

Yesterday: We played a hilarious shape/memory game. I wanted to video it but didn’t have enough hands and was laughing too hard anyway. We cut out shapes (circle, square, oval, triangle, octogon, and rectangle) from various colors of cardstock and assigned motions to each (dance,stop, run, pat your head, somersault, and jump). Starting with 2 cards and building up to all 6, I would hold up the cards to signal which activity they had to do. We got faster and faster and crazier and crazier. When it was Tackler’s turn to show the cards his favorite was somersault which was not overly fun for me, especially with my one year old running around mimicing us. I was sure I would squash her. He also figured out the fun of holding up two cards at once.

Today: Their favorite activity is any sort of science experiment. Today we tested about 20 items to see if they would float in plain water and then salt water. I made up a chart and they helped fill it with predictions and results. Pix to come.

As you can see in addition to a lot of reading, I consider one activity a day a successful school day. I think we squeeze in various topics into most activities. Like today we worked on writing and spelling, predicting, and analyzing in our one little project.


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  1. Mutti

    It sure sounds like fun! I wish I could be in your school! Love,Mutti