Berries and Honey

Posted On April 25, 2009

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Just a couple pictures of my very independent baby who insists on feeding herself.

And will not take food offered by another hand. Occasionally she will allow me to spear the food with a fork, provided she gets to pretend she did it on her own and feed herself with it.
I was never so stubborn or independent. I have no idea where my kids get these traits.

One of our favorite books is The Quiltmaker’s Gift (and it’s accompanying pattern book). In the story, the quiltmaker and a bear share a breakfast of berries and honey.
One night my kids decided they wanted berries and honey for breakfast too. In my nighttime stupor I agreed.

In the morning I realized my mistake. Honey? Did my kids really trick me into agreeing to a breakfast of fruit and straight sugar? I managed to convince them homemade granola and yogurt nicely complimented lots of berries and a touch of honey.

I have never seen kids enjoy breakfast so much. It was fabulous as
you can see.


8 Responses to “Berries and Honey”


    I love the independence! : ) Though you may love it more later than at this point, when you get to clean up lots of messes because of the “I-CAN-DO-EVERYTHING-MYSELF!!!” attitide! : )

    Your breakfast looks really yummy! We love doing arts and crafts and having foods that correlate with the books we read. It makes them come alive (and helps me be more creative that I would normally be!)

  2. Mutti

    No clue either where they get such independence!

  3. Vee

    I love the independence as well. Although it can be very frustrating. I feel your pain.
    Isn’t honey completely natural? It’s nature’s sugar. I think that should be allowed.

  4. Care Bear

    Personally I think its great…and berries and honey sound like a wonderful brekky to me. Better go get some berries tomorrow,..

  5. Chris and Holly

    Yes!! Let your kids eat honey, especially when they are congested. It’s natures anti-inflammatory and is GREAT for you!

  6. Aunt Nancz

    She looks most like Topher, right? Or wrong?

  7. Mutti

    I could provide a few historical examples of similar acts of independence…………………..

  8. Charlotte

    Wow, you must have been tired. Good recovery, though. I love the independence. Although now that she is so mobile, this summer will be a “fun” one for you.