Monkeys in the Trees

Posted On May 1, 2009

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I finally convinced my friend that I enjoy stop by visits. Of course, she lives half an hour away and is never just IN my neighborhood so she has taken to calling to see if she happened to be in my neighborhood in 30 minutes, would I be home? She made one such planned stop by visit on the very first beautiful day this “spring”.
(Spring. n. Sporadic warm sunny days surrounded by dishearteningly frigid days)
She and I sat on the front steps watching Pretty Girl run in circles while our two sets of twins traded off sword fighting, picking my newly bloomed crocuses and climbing the Japanese Maple 1,000 times. I would never have guessed that tree was big enough to climb but apparently, it is large enough to simultaneously hold 4 monkeys. Who knew?

(Note to my infrequent viewers: I downloaded 524 pictures from March and April and am slowly going through them all. I finally figured out how to schedule posts so check back every day or two for the next update in our thrilling adventures).


One Response to “Monkeys in the Trees”

  1. Charlotte

    There is more kid than tree on that trunk. What a brave tree to withstand that kind of pressure. Looks like a lot of fun.