Super Mom makes Super Capes

Posted On May 1, 2009

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At a birthday party my boys attended last summer, the birthday boy received a Super Hero cape. My friend (who made it) also made her 4 girls capes and skirts for Halloween. I fell in the love with the idea and copied it shamelessly. The boys (with a lot of demanding on their impatient parts) got super hero capes. See here. (ha ha. Fooled you. You thought that would be a link huh? Apparently I never bothered to post a link of my handywork.) Never ones to be satisfied with my creative generosity, the impatiently demanding angels also requested capes for their Mickey Mouses. (Mickey Mice?) See here. (nope, sorry, no link for those either).
Last month the twins were invited to the bday party for twin boys (see here. No, really. That one IS a link). I hunted and searched high and low for suitable material and FINALLY came to the conclusion (3 days before the party) that I was going to have to succumb to the inevitable. Leave the house. (Ok, not that I’m a total recluse. I am frequently toting the kids on various educational pursuits but to leave the house on important business for ME, well, somehow that just NEVER pops to the top of my energy list). However, two days before the party I finally managed out the door to hunt High and Low at the fabric store.
My requirements were as complicated as this post is rambling. I needed coordinating but different capes for the twins, hopefully incorporating their favorite color purple without being at all girly. Uh yeah. The store didn’t have that. I finally (after circling the store for over an hour) settled on weird polyester stretchy shiny stuff (which wouldn’t have been such a last resort except my machine is a total fabric snob and WILL NOT sew polyester. Seriously.)
Fortunately (since I started sewing the day before the party) my machine temporarily came down off it’s high (purebred) horse and sewed up the polyester with amazing charm. The result was smashing. And a huge hit at the party (see here. Well, wait a week until my connection works again and I’ll try to post those pictures).
I was SO in love with the result I considered making the boys new capes. Is that a little too absurd? But they were SO superhero-y!


2 Responses to “Super Mom makes Super Capes”

  1. Meg

    I’m not sure the superheroes want to be darling…but their capes are.

  2. Vee

    Those capes are awesome! Monkey was jealous.