Harlem Rockets Rock

Posted On May 3, 2009

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Our town had a fun event last month. The Harlem Rockets played the Responders. For the uninitiated, the Rockets are like the Harlem Globetrotters. Um, but not. The Responders is a rag tag collection of police and fire personnel from our town. The game was a LOT of fun. We walked in, braved our way through the mob and to our shocked delight, found the boys’ cousins at the game. We got front row seats which meant lots of sweaty attention from the star of the game.
Pretty Girl, whose trademark is getting really silly when she’s tired, made the most of her front row seat and almost made it onto the court at least half a dozen times.
In the end, of course, the Rockets won, which led to teary disappointment from two overly tired boys. It took us most of the trip home to convince them the Rockets were just an amazingly talented team and the Responders held their own. …I don’t want to make you think they are competitive or anything. For that you’ll have to wait for me to blog about THEIR sports seasons that recently started.

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  1. Rockholme Lodge

    that sounds like a lot of fun! The Rockets may not be the Globetrotters, but being that close to the action more than made up for the difference I am sure!

    It’s too bad Pretty Girl didn’t get into the game. A picture of that would have equalled my video of me and Michael Jordan playing basketball.