Wrinkles Takes Air Museum by Storm

Posted On May 7, 2009

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Following in the footsteps of their father and his father and all the males on that side of the family, the boys are obsessed with airplanes. (I’m sure it’s hereditary, not brainwashing). Since age 2, they have been able to identify airplanes by the sounds of their motors. Let me tell you how thrilling it is as their mother to listen to airplane motors cruising through my kitchen. Nothing beats Mozart like a motor.
But I digress. Their favorite destination is, of course, the air museum. Not to be outdone by dad (chief brainwasher) who always takes them to their favorite destinations, I decided to take my maiden visit to the shrine of all flying metal.
Carefully note the pictures. Wrinkles (Prince’s dog) makes more cameo appearances than any of the kids. And I spared you over half the pictures of him. Can you imagine what a ruckus we would have created if we let him have a real dog?

2 Responses to “Wrinkles Takes Air Museum by Storm”

  1. Charlotte

    That is why stuffed pets are the best kind. We almost have a zoo here. Good for you to brave the air museum on your own!

  2. Vi 12s

    That looked like fun! Joe’s dad LOVES airplanes and loves to fly- they even have an “airplane song” they sing at everyone’s bday- ha ha