Ode to the Dress, Conference and Primary Teachers

Posted On May 11, 2009

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This photo shoot took place in between sessions of General Conference.

These pictures get their own post for the following reasons:
1) That baby is just too darn cute. I know it’s highly obnoxious when the mom posts comments like that, but dang it, if I looked anywhere near that cute in pictures you’d get to see 1,000 of me too.
2) I LOVE this dress and have to show it off for all the world (or at least my 3 readers) to see. Unfortunately, I doubt the photos do it justice. Unfortunately for you because you get my full description of why I love it so much. It makes me think of the 1940’s. It’s just so classic. The layers of petticoats underneath make the skirt really full and the numerous gray stitching lines on the undercollar are just way to precious. Boring gray has never been so scruptious. And I wish it came in a size 4 for me. (And as long as I’m wishing, I wish I was a size 4.)
3) The woman my children are fawning over used to be the boy’s Primary Teacher but now she is Pretty Girl’s nursery teacher. She is amazing with all three. She is a student here and we keep trying to convince her to live with us but I think she’s afraid she’d get as little done as me. So we settle for stealing her after church for lunch and a few hours of play, story reading and company for mom while dad dedicatedly and laborously helps the baby nap.
Our favorite teacher has left for the summer – yesterday was her last Sunday afternoon with us. We will miss you.
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    Channing, I totally agree, it’s a beautiful, classic dress! The kind that will never go out of style. I wish more clothes were like that. How blessed your kids have been to have a primary/nursery teacher who is so wonderful! I’d try to convince her to stay forever too! : )