Super Gymnasts Morph into Super Heros

Posted On May 12, 2009

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In March the boys were invited to a birthday party for their twin friends. For presents I made super hero capes which were a big hit. For a post dedicated specifically to them, go here). I couldn’t resist taking 100 pictures of the super heros and was ecstatic when they promptly donned them and raced (flew?) around the party table (see middle picture).

The party was awesome. The funnest birthday party we have ever attended. No offense to all the party throwers who have been kind enough to invite us to your delightful parties which came in a very close second, but how do you beat a gymnastics party? The above collage gives you a glimpse of the fun but for a true taste, you need to watch my long but thrilling video*:

(*I hope my music choice is appropriate and appropriate for the video. Not much has changed since I was 13 and knew nothing about current hits. And by “current” I obviously mean anything except Primary hymns).

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2 Responses to “Super Gymnasts Morph into Super Heros”

  1. emma jo

    How fun! The capes are fabulous and the party looked totally kid (and adult) awesome.

  2. Rockholme Lodge

    I kept waiting to see a picture of Mom jumping off the trampoline and into the foam rubber blocks; but, alas, I was disappointed.