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Posted On May 17, 2009

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For my sister’s wedding this summer, my boys are supposed to wear blue ties ties. Great except we only have one blue tie and you cannot ever just run out and buy a tie for a kid in a specific color. Heck, you can’t even go buy a shirt in a color unless it happens to be the color of the day in the fashion world. So I resigned myself to making ties.

A few days before Easter I figured, as long as I have to make ties, I might as well do it in time for Easter. This thought was prompted by my friend who always makes whole Easter outfits for her family of 8. I like to keep up with the Joneses with whatever impractical ideas they might have so I went to the store and bought a yard of some polka dot material I had been eyeing for a couple months, came home, and whipped up a couple ties.

…I say whipped up because last time I complained that a project was really hard my friend claimed it was easy and only tacked it as an afterthought on her post. I won’t be caught in that position again. Ties are a piece of cake. They turn out perfectly and are not at all a pain in the neck. Especially when you are smart like me and make them out of a flimsy flowy material.

On Saturday (yes, of course the day before Easter) as I was sewing 3 Musketeer Cloaks and two ties I had the brilliant idea that if 2 ties was good, surely 3 was better and if the boys were going to match, surely the girls should too. So I ran back to the store and bought what was left of the polka dot material. Then I whipped up this super simple baby girl dress and this really fun dress from, um, heck. It only took me until 3am to not get the lining pinned up correctly. And then I forgot as we were rushing out the door that I forgot to sew on the ties that hold my dress together. So I ran back to the sewing room and stitched them on. On the wrong sides. So the flap part didn’t lie how it was supposed to. And then my friends (the Joneses I try to keep up with) they weren’t at church to admire my matchy outfits.

And since it took me a month to blog about it she might only now be finding out how cute we looked. Don’t we look darling in this picture? I look so thin on the floor there. Not only did we rush to church, late, but by the time I remembered we didn’t have a picture of us, the boys had already changed clothes. Thankfully the boys were kind enough to leave their shirts on the floor for the photo shoot unlike dad who thoughtlessly put his in the laundry shoot. His shirt was white with blue stripes too.

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5 Responses to “Hey, why not?”

  1. Care Bear

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE TIES!!!!! I’m very impressed with the matching outfits. What the pattern on the dress? Its cute. I might even want one. 😉

  2. Twinlinebackers

    The pattern is by a new company called “Stay up all night trying to figure it out” and it’s pattern number 512. If you want one you have to steal one of mine because I’m not making more than one more…and that’s only if it passes the bride’s test.

  3. Vee

    Dang it. I want you to make me a dress like that only it has to be cranberry or burnt orange for my sisters wedding this summer. Why is it so hard to find a maternity dress in those colors?
    You look beautiful in it, and you make me envious of your talent. I miss you.

  4. Charlotte

    I would like to point out that I bought my Easter clothes this year instead of making them. I would show you a picture, but I forgot to take one. Are ties really easy? Because I almost made some this year but chickened out.

  5. The Lazy Organizer

    Oh my goodness you are talented and ambitious! Very cute!