Is it Easter already?

Posted On May 17, 2009

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We had a delightful Easter. Dad got a friend to help him pretend he’s in a gang (and a tie):

Pretty Girl got to spend time with her boyfriend ~ he has a girl in every port but she doesn’t care. She adores him. Even picks him over mom (and she got a new dress):

The boys got tennis rackets (they started tennis lessons with a homeschool group Easter week), 3 Musketeer cloaks (please go read all about them here) and new ties (please go read about them here):

Mom got chic new placemats, a new dress (please go read about it), and a nap after staying awake all night sewing up a storm (please go read about my sewing frenzy). Hopefully mom also received a lesson learned about planning ahead and not going overboard. Doubtful though.
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  1. Care Bear

    and you did such a wonderful jobs on the outfits too. ADORABLE!!!