Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Posted On May 17, 2009

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On a particularly perfect kite flying day my boys decided to make and fly kites. They cut kite shapes out of paper, decorated them, cut out tails, and borrowed skeins of my yarn for the strings. They probably made a dozen kites, including small Cowy and Wrinkles sized kites. And then they poked their heads out the window and flew their kites. Their dubious mother was quite impressed by how well these little kites flew.

They are a little hard to find in the pictures but look close to my words and hopefully you’ll see them. We did best hanging out the second story window. When we all trooped outside, the wind was a little unfriendly and whipped our kites around and around each other until they were hopelessly tangled. Fortunately, we have close ties to the factory and replacements were possible.

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