Work Boxes Day 2

Posted On May 18, 2009

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Today was fabulous. I LOVE work boxes. No complaints about school. Everyone was excited and happily plowed through the boxes. When I was setting up for tomorrow they even tried to start on those boxes. I loved telling them they couldn’t do it yet. A little anticipation for tomorrow is a beautiful thing.

The together boxes didn’t work great – they made logistics a little tougher. I decided they work better when they are apart so I will only have combined activities when it will really save me time and energy. Tomorrow we have one such box so I put the book in one boys’s box and left the other’s empty and put it first in the order. So now I have 6 boxes per kid which I like better.

Even though piano wasn’t a box, we snuck it in but since piano takes longer than any of the boxes and requires 100% of my attention, it left the other kid stranded. My new plan is to do piano first thing while we are doing chores. While one boy is cleaning, the other will practice, then we’ll switch. I still have to figure out where to add in our story time. Maybe after lunch?

Tomorrow’s boxes include:
1* – Science Horizons by Silver Burdett Ginn Introductory Chapter
2 – A day in the Life worksheet (cut and paste to order morning, midday, night and asks for drawing of activity for each time period)
3 – Match upper and lower case letter cards
4 – Finish shamrock
5* – Sign language and reading cards (I am combining these. Read the card and show the sign)
6 – Railroad Rush Hr.

1* – science book above
2* – Sign language and reading cards
3 – Day in the life sheet
4* – Beginning Writing book – practice rounded letters a,c,e,o,s and find an object in the house beginning with each letter
5 – Boggle Jr.
6 – Finish shamrock

An * indicates they need my assistance. The rest can be done with minimal input from me.