Posted On May 19, 2009

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One night in desperation I discovered a new staple. What to do w/ leftovers everyone loved the 1st time but won’t eat again? What to eat when you haven’t planned ahead? What to throw in the freezer for those nights you haven’t planned ahead and don’t even have leftovers no one will eat? Answer? Empanadas!

Start with dough Empanada dough here or a Bisquick version here (see here to make your own bisquick) and a five year old. I actually didn’t try to first recipe because the bisquick version was so easy and delicious. I will warn you, it seems like not nearly enough liquid but it is. Smooth it well and it rolls out like a dream. Especially if the 5 yr old does all the work.

Add some frozen veggies to whatever leftovers are in your fridge and chop it up nice and little. Add some cheese because I don’t know how to cook without cheese. Fold over and pinch closed. Bake for something random like 350 for 15 min.

Top with sour cream and enjoy. If you want to freeze them, do so before baking.Posted by Picasa

2 Responses to “Empanadas”

  1. Native American Momma

    haha You cook like me something random how about …yeah that sounds good.

  2. Mutti

    May I borrow that five year old, please?