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Posted On May 24, 2009

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I am reading the book Simple Steps: 10 Weeks to Getting Control of Your Life. For each of 10 weeks you are supposed to make a simple change in each of 4 categories – health, weight, home, and spirit – for a total of 40 simple changes that will revolutionize your life. It’s a great program. Nice idea. I did fantastically the first couple weeks and felt superb. By week three I hit a couple changes I didn’t feel like making and I started to forget all 12 changes I was supposed to be keeping up with. So I kind of stopped. Which was a bummer because I felt so much better doing it.

I decided to modify the program and make a simpler steps program. I will sort the 40 steps into groups (already mastered, want to master, and whatEver), then work on each step in the middle group until it’s mastered – whether that takes me 10 weeks…or 10 years. …or until I forget, kind of like those new year’s resolutions I haven’t considered since I typed them a month ago.

Already Mastered
(13 steps)
~Clear out one drawer/cabinet/closet space every week (I like reminders to do this but I’m pretty fanatical w/o adding it to any to do lists)
~Maintain an efficient laundry system
~Take a multivitamin every day (I’ve been pregnant or nursing for 3 years so I’m pretty good at this one)
~Maintain a clean and healthy refrigerator and pantry
~Cut back on caffeine (I don’t drink any and chocolate is like so totally ok)
~Replace processed foods with whole grains (considering even using white flour, store bought tortillas and store bought corn syrup feels too processed for me I’d say I’m ok here)
~Dress smart and keep your closet organized (last week my husband asked when I was going to stop organizing my closet. I told him when I stop finding stuff in there I don’t want. I’m not sure what dressing smart for a SAHM means, but I usually remember shirt AND pants so I’m doing ok I guess.
~Make your bed every morning
~Use herbs and spices daily
~Try new physical activities week
~Keep up with repair and improvement projects
~Rediscover your passions (considering I still sew, craft and scrapbook despite this and them, I’m doing ok. I miss skiing, basketball and cliff diving but hey, every whim in it’s season)
~Keep a clean and inviting entry (I’m not sure if I’ve mastered this or not. I’m fanatical about keeping our entry clean but I have so little control. It serves as a mudroom and I HATE that. It’s on my list of things my husband has to help me fix as soon as the school room is built but as for daily habit, I’m good)

Want to Master
(17 steps)
~Drink 8 cups of water daily (I would drink twice that if someone else would pour it for me. How lazy is that?)
~Walk 20 minutes a day (yeah, like WHEN?)
~Squeeze in some isometrics every day
~Follow a daily to-do list (pretty good at this, want to work on actually check it all off and focusing on it DAILY so it needs to stay on the list)
~I am aware of my posture and breathing (unless she means thinking ‘yep, got bad posture and yep, still breathing’)
~Keeping a clear desktop (I’m counting my desk as my sewing table)
~Dance to one song a day
~Clean and floss my teeth twice daily (this almost landed in the yeah right pile but someday I really do hope to care about flossing)
~Discover the benefits of yoga (well, the dr. just told me to avoid kickboxing and many yoga poses so I’m off the hook for 6 months)
~Maintain a system to avoid mail piles (my husband brings in the mail and while he was out of town I just didn’t bring in the mail. Does that count?)
~Find daily serenity time (I need to add ‘BEFORE midnight’)
~Maintain a clean car (I’m good at keeping STUFF out, but don’t vacuum nearly as often as I’d like. Though I spent 2 hrs vacuuming it today so I’m on the path!)
~Greet the day with morning stretches (I only stretch what ails me so I definitely need work)
~Organize my photos (they are beautifully organized, according to the month I download them. The trick is doing ANYthing with them besides downloading and blogging)
~Strength train weekly (I really miss working out)
~Get more sleep (I don’t need more sleep but I do need to shift my schedule about 3 hrs)
~Plan meals and shop more efficiently (I am really trying to get better at planning ahead. Really I am.)

Yeah, Right
(10 steps)
~Save $2 a day (seriously, there really isn’t any room left in my budget)
~Keep a daily food journal (the biggest who cares of the bunch for me)
~Cleansing and moisturizing daily (don’t tell my Mary Kay consultant I’ve been slacking here)
~Replace bad fats with good fats (I have no problem with butter. It’s either eat butter or be written out of my mother’s will and she has a good stash of fabric so I don’t want to make her mad.)
~Do a few minutes of crunches daily (again, been off the hook for the better part of 3 years and I’d like to continue that pattern for another dozen so let’s not worry about crunches just yet)
~Eating more slowly, respecting food (You’re lucky I squeeze in eating at all)
~Keep a gratitude journal (does a blog boasting about my kids count?)
~Don’t eat at night (when am I supposed to eat an entire batch of caramel corn w/o having to share?)
~Walk 30 min a day (they already said 20. When I do walk it’s usually longer than 20 min but I’m protesting the double entry)
~Use a treasure map to attain my goals.


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  1. Sally

    It was so fun to read your blogs! I loved the blue poka dot matching outfits! You’ll just have to all wear them again for the Jones’!
    Your kids are SO cute!

  2. Mutti

    I see you have your priorities right!