Classical Education: Reading in Grammar Stage

Read (or be read to) for 20 -30 min in 1st grade, working up to 45 min by 4th grade of assigned reading according to the same schedule as history and science:
Ancients (5000BC-AD400) – Grades 1, 5, 9
Medieval-Early Renaissance (400-1600) – Grades 2, 6, 10
Late Renaissance-early modern (1600-1850) – Grades 3, 7, 11
Modern (1850-present) – Grades 4, 8, 12

Give the child simplified versions of the original literature he’ll be reading in higher grades, or introduce him (through stories and biographies) to a writer he’ll encounter later. This reading should be a bit of a challenge. Use books on tape as a good supplement. Fun reading (30-60 min daily) is totally separate and should be at or below his reading level.

Keep a My Reading notebook (biographies and nonfiction should be included in the history notebook) which will include narrations on some of the books he has read and enjoyed. By 3rd grade these narrations should be at least 3/4 page long.

Every 2-3 weeks child should memorize a poem (any poem at all, not necessarily tied to the correct time period) or speech and recite it to you. This exercises memory, stores beautiful language in his mind and gives him presentation practice. Memorize 8-12 pieces in 2nd grade, and 12-15 in 3rd grade.