A mind and a will of her own

Posted On May 29, 2009

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This little girl was born with a bow in her hair. Ok, not quite. For the first week or so everyone asked if I was so excited to have a girl. I was rather perplexed because I didn’t see much difference. Shortly thereafter my sister in law introducted us to the art of bowmaking and life hasn’t been the same since. Rarely a day has gone by in the past 18 months when she hasn’t had a bow or two in her hair. And all that prettiness on her head has, well, gone to her head.
If you remember pictures from her first week, you might remember she was a character even then. Now she is a character and determined about it. She already cares about her clothes. If I don’t dress her soon enough she starts to undress herself and find new clothes to put on. So I take her to her closet where she first points to her dresses. Given options she goes for the frilliest and girliest.
She is almost obsessed with bows. Not that she doesn’t occasionally pull them out but she also brings them back to me to put back in. One day we were at a park with a HUGE hill you have to climb to get to the play area. She hiked to the top and handed me her barrettes. What a trooper to carry her barrettes that far.
She asks for bows constantly and insists on HER choice of bow – thankfully she is either good at matching or lucky. Even on her way to bed she will ask for bows. These pictures are one morning when she was able to con Tackler into helping her do her do. I believe the count was 29 bows and she was mighty proud of herself.
Tonight she picked out her pj pants and then I realized she was out of long sleeve tops so I took off her pants and offered her the boring pink number you see in these pictures. Appalled, she put it back in the drawer and tried to put back on the striped bottoms she picked out originally.

What a girly girl. Do you think this spells trouble for a reformed tomboy mother?

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3 Responses to “A mind and a will of her own”

  1. Charlotte

    my oldest hated bows as a baby. As a child she hated me doing her hair. As a tween, she still won't let me touch it. She is, however, very strong willed. I can relate to that!

  2. emma jo

    We have a good blend of girly girls and tomboys at our house. I get my fix both ways. The other day Mia put about that many barrettes in her hair. I remember being so excited for Haley's hair to grow out long enough to play with…now there are some days when I wish they were all bald.

  3. Jeannie, Matt and boys

    She is too cute! I love the picture with all the bows in her hair, she looks so much like Patrick in that pic. I hope you are enjoying your summer!