Beginning Reader book idea

Posted On May 29, 2009

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Tackler is reading books because I FINALLY found books on his level. There exists an entire industry of “easy readers” for teaching reading but they are ALL at the level beyond learning to read. If you can read level 1 books, you can read any book in the children’s room. It’s ridiculous. They completely missed the middle step. The only exception I found is the Bob Books that most people use and rave about but they are small, black and white and BORRRRRIng and I am not subjecting my kids to them.

I FINALLY had a lightbulb. Books made for infants are colorful, engaging and simple. I went through the infant shelves looking for books with simple rhyming words and found a huge stack he can read. Yesterday he read one that totally cracked him up. He read it a dozen times stopping repeatedly to laugh and say “This book is so FUNny.” I wish I had it on video. It was hilarious to watch him enjoy a book so much.

The first page is the hardest. Most of the books I found have one sentence that changes slightly on every page so he has to struggle with the first page and feels overwhelmed but so excited when he realizes he can read the whole book. He is working his way through the stack and gaining confidence that he really can read.