Classical Education: History Memorization

Grade 1 (Ancient 500BC-AD400):
The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia has a Ready Reference that lists names of Egyptian dynasties, principal pharaohs, Chinese dynasties, kings of Rome, and emperors of the Roman Empire. Aim to memorize at least two of these lists by the end of the first grade year. A first grader who reads a list out loud every day will have it memorized within weeks.

Grade 2 (Medieveal/Early Renaissance 400-1600):
Memorize a Shakespeare Sonnet, a selection from one of his plays and two lists.

#1 – The rulers of England from Egbert through Elizabeth 1, along with each ruler’s family allegiance (Saxon, Dane, Norman, Plantagenet, Lancaster, York, Tudor).

#2 – One of the following: Rulers of Scotland from Malcolm II through James VI, the later Holy Roman Emperors or the rulers of other medieval countries – France, Spain, Japan, Russia, or the major wars and major discoveries (listed in back of Kingfisher book).

Grade 3 (Late Renaissance/Early Modern 1600-1850):
Memorize beginning (at least) of Declaration of Independence, the first 12 presidents of the US and major wars for the time period. Assign other lists (rulers of other countries, important discoveries and explorations) at your discretion.

Grade 4 (Modern 1850-Present):
Know the Preamble to the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address and the purpose (if no the exact words) of the ammendments. Finish the list of US Presidents , dates of major wars, and capitals of 50 states.