Ever wonder what homeschooling is really like?

Posted On June 10, 2009

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2 am conversation with my mom via IM:

me: I thought about mummifying one of the kids.
Linda: you have been teaching toooooo long.
me: [The other kids] could take out the organs, put the heart back in, wrap in toilet paper, place him in the 3 coffins (blanket, sleeping bag and tent for pyramid?)
Linda: that would work.
Linda: would you make paper organs? that could be fun.
I like the tent idea.
with a real kid minus organs in it.
or do you mummify the organs and then put them back inside before putting him in the pyramid?
me: Except the heart which they put back in, they put the organs in canopic jars.
Linda: what are canopic jars?
me: special jars for preserving organs. Don’t you have any?
Linda: no, we eat our organs…had liverwurst for lunch!
me: You are supposed to use paper mache to make animals for the lids of the jars, then paint them. Is that too much trouble or could that work?
I thought if we mummify a kid, and each kid was able to retrieve an organ (he might have to have more than one liver) and then make jars to put them in.
Linda: paper mache takes a long time to dry. I don’t think you could make them and paint them all in one day.
me: Ok. Now I just need to know how to make a liver.
me: I need to make 8 organs (heart, liver, stomach, lungs, intestines)
me: Ok. You come up w/ an easy way (please!) for me to have 8 organs by Friday morning. I need one heart and one or more of the others. Now that my project is in your hands, I’m off to bed. THANK YOU!
I’m so glad you stay up until the wee hours to help me with my 2am crises. How many mothers get to say they help their kids figure out how to mummify their grandchildren at 2am?
Linda: We need to cut and paste this conversation and save it. People would think we are nuts.

Ok, there you have it. I’m nuts. Are you dying to know what we’re talking about?

The kids are in a Story of the World coop. This week we are studying mummies so when the other kids (7 total) come this Friday we will mummify one of them (don’t call DCF, we’re only going to pretend). Stay tuned for pictures and an update.