SOTW Projects – Ch 2

Posted On June 13, 2009

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Egyptians Lived On the Nile River
Make a model of the Nile River.Make the White Crown of Upper Egypt: wrap wax paper around head to make cone shape. Tape edges closed. Scrunch 8.5×11″ paper into egg shape. Push ball of paper into peak of cone and mould waxed paper around it. Result is a cone w/ a flattened top and an indent at the bottom of the egg shaped top. Cut bottom edge of cone so it fits onto head, then cut out ear area.Make Shepherd’s crook of the Pharaohs: twist newspaper into cylindrical shape and bend to form 5-6″ hook shape. Insert straight end into wrapping paper tube. Cover entire hook with masking tape or paper mache and paint.What We Did:
Pour soil into roasting pan. Form a gulley for Nile River (don’t forget the Delta). Use rocks and pebbles to build up sides. Sprinkle grass seed. Flood the Nile.(We didn’t do it but it suggests laying foil over the dirt, then weighing down w/ rocks. Flood Nile weekly and watch grass flourish. …And then play baseball.