SOTW Projects – Ch 3

Posted On June 13, 2009

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The First Writing

Make cuneiform tablets

Make a hieroglyphic scroll

Learn why clay tablets lasted longer than paper scrolls:
~Set both outside for one week and see how they both fared.
~Simulate a flood – leave in a tub of water for 5 min. (any longer and the paper might be too far gone)
~Place them in the Egyptian desert (oven set to 200 or less) for 1 hr (peek at 30 min to make sure paper isn’t charring. If it is, turn off oven but leave it in).
~Show many other people the scroll, unrolling and rerolling each time. Show off the tablet to the same number of people.

What we did:
Wrote their names on clay tablets using a screwdriver for a wedge.
Translated their names from Hieroglyphics to English.