Lessons of Life: Language and Writing Idea

Posted On July 26, 2009

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A fellow hser sent me this idea for “Lessons of Life” (aka LL) as a writing, journaling exercise. My kids are a little young still but I’m tucking it away for a bit down the road. Here is what she said:

LL is a WONDERFUL way of not only helping our children with developing their language arts skills, but also assisting them in their learning to liken the scriptures to themselves while writing either journal entries, or combining their pieces altogether to create their personal life stories.

Basically, writing a LL involves the following:

1) Writing down an experience you’ve had in life which you don’t want to forget, and which has taught you something. In writing it, you’re actually bearing testimony to what you’ve learned.

2) Finding at least one scripture verse which goes hand in hand with your Lesson of Life. Thus, you are adding a second witness to your LL, while learning to liken the scriptures unto yourself.

3) Finding at least one quote by the Brethren regarding your LL. This adds a third witness to your piece.

(“And in the mouth of three witnesses shall these things be established. ..” (Ether 5:4)

Pretty amazing concept, isn’t it? And when they’ve written several, they will discover for themselves just how handy LLs are when it comes time to being asked to give a talk or teach a lesson! (Ex: If asked to give a talk on the subject of service, all they have to do is go to their LL file and look in the “service” folder, and walaaaah! A LL on service, complete with their own experience, scriptures, and quotes from the Brethren!)