Posted On July 29, 2009

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My apologies for ignoring the blog for so long. My reasons include the following:
~stupid camera or picassa deleting a month of pictures as I tried to download
~a 6 week vacation
~taken 2 weeks early for which I had to do some serious cramming
~and finally, a little boy named Dianthus.

For those who cannot imagine actually calling a child Dianthus, we are taking name suggestions.
Please top those already submitted which include:
Googly Bear
and a two word rhyming name that I can’t remember or pronounce


11 Responses to “Dianthus”

  1. emma jo

    Wow! You mean you are really truly back? I thought maybe you had decided to go ahead and move for good. I hope that your trip was lovely. Now about that name…does this mean that you KNOW it's a boy, and second, do you intend on naming him after a flower? If it is a boy I'm afraid I can't help with the name…I've learned my lesson about sharing favorite names and I'm afraid my creativity on the boy side is pretty scant.
    I say Bob. Short and to the point.

  2. Twinlinebackers

    Yes, we are back and you were right to worry. Whenever I leave there is a strong possibility of my never returning. If only I could afford two houses.

    Yes, he is definitely a boy. No, Dianthus only wins out over Googly Bear. Surely you have boy names to share. You can only have run out of girl ideas.

  3. Valerie

    Hey, congrats!! And, sorry, fresh out of boy names. How about Roger? That used to be the name I made fun of all the time. But Cannon's uncle is named Roger. And a new neighbor who is turning out to be a good friend. So you can have it now. I can't make fun of it anymore. And, maybe you will like it?? And congrats!!!!

  4. Sally

    Congratulations! When is he due? If we ever have more then one boy we want to name him Owen. My sister just decided against Wyatt – which I really like. Those are both better then Googly Bear!
    I am dying to come that direction so maybe someday we will visit. By the way, it's just the straight hair that is throwing you off – go back far enough on my blog or go see my family pics on facebook and you'll see I still look like me!
    Congrats again!

  5. Charlotte

    Congrats on the boy!! Are you really far enough along to know what you're having? Wow. Time flies.

    I have been sucked dry on boy names. In fact, that is the reason we're finished having kids, we couldn't agree on another name if it were a boy. Matthew was almost called, "Hey You."

  6. Chris and Holly

    I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! WHOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!! I hope our little boys get along better than our little girls! I'm thrilled for you. Congrats.

  7. Care Bear

    You mean you don't like Dad's suggestion of "darrelinda"??

    Love you!!!!!

  8. Rockholme Lodge

    Man! No one ever takes my suggestions!!

  9. Rockholme Lodge

    So…when are you coming to Colorado? You haven't been here (there) in forever!!

  10. Twinlinebackers

    Valerie – Ok, we'll add Roger to the lovely list we have going. Good thing I still have a couple months.
    Sally – Due date is Nov 16th. The guest room is open. Please come fill it.
    Charlotte – Yes, I am 24 weeks 'already'. Just because I haven't talked to you since the day I found out….
    Holly – Oh goodness I sure hope so. Boy fights are less subtle than the petty girl fights we saw all week.
    Dad – I haven't been "there"? Meaning YOU aren't even there, ya kettle. I've been there almost as recently as YOU! Except I'm still not quite unpacked.
    And don't fret. Your suggestion is on the list.

  11. Wes & Jen McDonald

    Ok, as much as it kills me to suggest this, how about Charles Dillon or Casey after the famous baseball player "Casey" Stengel. I believe the road by the old Mets stadium has that name. And congrats – although I would have preferred to know before now ;(