Schedules Make me Cranky

Posted On August 5, 2009

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Our first day on our schedule started well because…drumroll… (are you sitting down?) I got up before the kids. By 8am I had breakfast made and fresh bread (oooh, I need to find that link to share with you – it is our new favorite) was working working toward it’s first rising. …By the way, if anyone can tell me why I think I HAVE to make bread on the first day of a new schedule, please share. My absurdities don’t make sense to me.

So after our 30 minutes of great beginning, came the hard part of the schedule: the addition of kids. [Well, Pretty Girl was with me from the beginning but that doesn’t count because she just sits on my hip signing “Eat. Eat. Eat.” (Who taught that kid to sign? You shouldn’t be allowed to make your needs known until you learn to talk)].

By the time the kids got up and moving and we read scriptures, we were half an hour behind schedule. I went around like a mad women complaining that we were half an hour behind schedule. My poor children didn’t even know we were on a schedule but apparently they are used to me complaining about being late because they weren’t the least bit confused. Finally I decided I had to lighten up a bit before they decide they HATE our new schedule. So I stopped being so cranky and just moved the whole thing back half an hour. From then on, we stayed on track.

I complained at them for taking an hour for history but it was nice to finally know what takes so long. Without a 5 year old with a watch and a new obsession I hadn’t been able to figure out how our 6 workboxes could take us 3 hours when Charlotte Mason advocates about 15 minutes per subject at this age. Now I know. So we only managed to get through 3 subjects instead of 6 but we are still playing catchup from not doing history while on vacation and we have 5 more chapters to cover by next Friday. But I suppose that’s a different topic. (Is anyone still reading?)

The only other “snafu” in our morning schedule was when we hit Free Time. I joined them outside to garden while they played baseball (boys) and house (girl). After our allotted time none of us wanted to go inside. And Charlotte Mason pleas for 3-4 hours of outside time a day. (How in the world am I supposed to fit THAT into my new schedule?). So we stayed outside and pushed our last item, quiet time, back a little further.

And then evening was a little rocky when at dinner dad decided to run to the store with the kids, promising to be back by 6:15 to stay mostly on schedule. He got home cranky at 6:45 with cranky kids. Family Home Evening was a pleasure and a joy.


2 Responses to “Schedules Make me Cranky”

  1. Sally

    I really enjoyed reading all that! I don't pretend to be on a schedule. We certainly have routines that we stick to and I have a few things scheduled every day – but honestly with kids this young it's really hard! I have a feeling that when Anna starts school we will
    be forced into a schedule…

  2. The Lazy Organizer

    What kind of person plans a hard core schedule like that and then blogs about it like anyone would actually be interested? Weird. That's all I can say.