Why have kids if not to entertain you?

Posted On August 7, 2009

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Note: The video is in slo mo. I am reloading so please check back tomorrow.

Please enjoy this compilation of about 5 clips of our family finding entertainment at the expense of the baby and her loving every minute of it.

These clips were taken back about 5 months ago. She looked so much more like a baby back then. She looks like a little girl now. Please enjoy the movie while I go back to crying.

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4 Responses to “Why have kids if not to entertain you?”

  1. The Lazy Organizer

    I don't see it.

  2. Rockholme Lodge

    she never did catch on to the joke, did she.

  3. Charlotte

    She should come to our sock skating competitions (the kids are taking advantage of plain wood floors while we have our carpets cleaned). She would be well padded for her protection.

  4. Charlotte

    Sorry, accidentally doubled the comment. Anyway, on a random note, I thought you were playing this annoying music in the background of the video, but turns out it was a website my kids left on and I didn't realize because I took it off mute to watch the video. Oh, and it is still running in slow-mo (which I thought was on purpose since the music I heard was at regular speed).